Happy clients

Happy clients

My savings are growing!

Before learning the methods Tina teaches, I was in a real money mess. I had tons of debt and my monthly expenses seriously outweighed my income.

Now I have the tools, systems and and mindset I needed and I have totally transformed the way I handle money – both in my business and personal life. My savings are growing, my debts are falling and I can now pay cash for luxuries that had previously gone on credit cards!

Emma HagueUK

I’m so thankful for Tina’s help, I’m finally getting on track.

I’ve purchased several on line programs and could not figure out how to get those lessons to apply to my business. I kept feeling like I was trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle together with lots of missing pieces. After 1 session talking with Tina to discuss my specific needs I got clarity and many easy to implement ideas and tasks to finally get on track and get my online business more properly set up. I’m so thankful for Tina’s help, I’m finally getting on track.

Diana Brohard Co-owner Stylepets Boutique, USA

Once you start working with Tina, you ask yourself: Why did I wait for so long?

My coaching with Tina was a very nice and life-changing experience that gave me excellent advice about time-management and improving my relationship with money, so now I am more disciplined when doing my tasks. Tina is a genuine listener, and she unobtrusively finds mental blocks that prevent one from making progress, gently brings them to your conscious attention and gives very concrete solutions that work.

I’d suggest doing coaching with Tina to everyone who is struggling with finding their way and wasting too much time on doing things that do not bring them satisfaction, as well as to those who desire better results in their personal and business lives, especially with their relationship with money and time-management. Your investment is quickly returned because you find out that suddenly, you have time to breathe! 

Tea PetančičHR mentor, trainer and LifeCoach

I fell in love with my business (and LIVE) again!

Before Tina’s coaching I had lots of working and very little time for enjoyment in my life. I felt safe working with Tina. She is kind and compassionate.
The most important breakthrough of the session was my realization that having my time completely structured and not allowing free time to enjoy myself may inhibit my ability to be as productive as I want to be.

Monique ShidellInner Dimensional Transformations, USA

Tina’s coaching was beyond my expectations!

I recommend Tina from my heart as a coach, mentor … and as a human, which is something I deeply value. It is a pleasure to learn from somebody who understands where you are, where you want to go, and who actually guides you in such a way that you yourself can clearly realize the way to get there. But not only that, Tina understands what the obstacles are (and how we feel about them), and she guides you in the right direction with empathy, support and an incredible amount of knowledge. If I compare myself at the beginning of our course to myself now, at the end of her coaching programme, I can easily say that her mentoring exceeded my expectations. (Although, I expected the very best!) Tina, I am so grateful for this experience, and I am looking forward to learning new strategies from you in the future!

Lia JanželjIntuitive Coach

I raised my rates (and I started feeling good about it!)

Before I took Tina’s coaching, I’d been very indecisive as well as lacking in self-esteem and business orientation. I really wanted to make changes in these areas. The coaching itself was a very nice experience. Tina guided me through the whole process in a very relaxed way, and I really felt calm, although finances are not my favourite subject by a long shot. Tina’s coaching helped me with setting higher prices and not feeling bad about it. Now, I don’t avoid my own financial problems anymore, but instead, I find solutions to them.

I recommend Tina’s coaching to any entrepreneur, but especially to all those, who are still struggling to move past the beginner phase.

Nataša MedvešekLifestyle Photographer

My income multipled 5 times!

I’ve had an awesome Creative Brainstorming session. Furthermore, Tina is full of wonderful and concrete ideas, as well as knows how to fill a person with a feeling of trust to bring these ideas to fruition. She has also written this insanely useful book, Live the Life You Desire, which offers excellent tips on how to start doing what you want and utilizing your ideas in everyday life. Personally, I profited the most from her advice to divide work into segments which you would do in one take, which really increases time you need to do something, and optimizes time management.

It should also be mentioned that Tina sends a recording of the session to her clients afterwards. I still listen to it regularly, to motivate myself, and remind myself, what we said I would do. I actually had measurable results in the first month following our session, and my income multiplied by 5! For the first time, I felt that the work I do and making proper steps can really pay off. Before that, I was always a bit in the dark.

Tina, thanks for your patience and positive energy!

Jasmina PečolerTenerife

This investment was definitely worth it!

Tina, thank you once again for your mentorship, coaching, guidance, help … I’d been almost completely lost organizationally and in business, but with your help, I was able to gradually find myself again. I particularly liked, how our plan that we spent almost an hour building, and which didn’t work out later on, still held great value for me. And the same goes for our entire mentorship program. Either just a single idea, which you’d share with me and would later bring me great success and important changes, or an entire coaching session, packed with useful and priceless ideas, tools, your experiences and notes. Everything has had its purpose, path, sense and value. I’m really glad, I’d decided and invested in getting your help. It was definitely worth it.

I am very grateful as well as much less lost now, and I am happily making further steps on my path.

Manca KlinarWhole Person Coach

I am really happy for your honest and genuine commitment to your clients.

Tina, thank you for your heart connected sessions. You truly are simple and profound person, living authentic life and supporting clients to do same with their business.
Thank you for being on my path to give me another important puzzle that supported my results.

Tjaša CepušSoundSpa

Biz owners, attention: grab hold of Tina’s knowledge and experience … And be amazed with the results!

Mirjam GolubAcupuncturist With a Soul

I started to believe that running a business aligned with my personal values and life style really exists!

Darja BitencEmpowerement Life Coach

Thankful that a friend of mine recommended Tina! 

Nina Gračar GrošeljSlovenia

“Aha” moments changed the course of my business! Thank you, Tina!

Irena JerihaStarting Her Own Business

Tina is one of those sunshines that gently colour your cheeks and heart – if only you trust them, and let them close to you.

Sabina Miklavčič Pilates Instructor

My investment immediately paid off!

Tina’s coaching was superb, as she really has a knack for it. I found out about a lot of interesting steps I can take in order to do my business and get to work. Furthermore, she gave me a lot of motivation to do my next step. After one hour of her coaching, I felt that my business idea no longer seems abstract at all, and I can finally get it to work! We made a concrete plan, so now I know exactly, what my next steps will be, and I already feel myself moving in the right direction.

I’d suggest everyone, who is still unsure or struggling with their next business steps, to give Tina’s coaching a try. Your investment will immediately pay off!

Aleš KavčičWeb Developer