What Money Really Means In Your Coaching Career

Recalibrating Your Money Mentality: What Money Really Means In Your Coaching Career

The “not in it for money” mentality is a plague preventing women entrepreneurs and leaders from pursuing and manifesting their higher purpose or dreams. And it runs deep into our consciousness, even with coaching professionals, that a recalibration of the money mentality is crucial and urgent.


It has become a convenient excuse for women coaches to disregard opportune moments or ignore their higher callings to offer high-ticket coaching. It keeps many of them from scaling up their careers and exploring business expansions.

Hiding behind the notion that something is wrong with embarking on a higher purpose for the money it brings in locks them away from success and wealth. It is a surprising mentality among coaches whose jobs are supposed to liberate people from these stumbling blocks in life’s conquests. 

Of course, money cannot and should not be anyone’s sole motivation. Therein lies a path of greed and misguided actions. But if you continue to deny that earning more money will always be an integral motive for any endeavor, you are barring yourself from moving forward. Deliberately downplaying the importance of money means leaving yourself behind. 

Or worse, this money mentality will drag you down.

Is There No Dignity in Wanting To Earn More Money?

The notion that it is wrong to be motivated by money to pursue a career or business upgrade has been keeping women from embracing a higher purpose, higher journey, or higher stakes. 

They’re wary of the impression that such a pursuit is about raking in more profit. And as such, it is a much less dignified and even shameful reason to aim for more.

Is it? Who says it is? Or is this just a voice from traditionalists that has been trapped inside you? 

For centuries, women’s dignity has been centered on having less of the material world or being content with what they have. In short, it discourages them from soaring as high as they can in whatever ambition they choose to take in life. 

In reality, it’s not greedy to aspire to earn more, especially in one of the most distinguished careers today: coaching.

Why Should Money Be a Bad Motivation?

Money is an essential element with which you can accomplish many things. It is a resource to carry out your duty as a coach. You invest in the things that help you become efficient in coaching and effective in inspiring others. 

You need to spend money to:

  • Establish yourself as a reputable coach
  • Dress up and look pleasing and inspiring
  • Continue studying and upgrading your knowledge and kills
  • Promote yourself to reach clients
  • Acquire necessary tools in coaching
  • Run a successful coaching program

The amount of money you have is essential to the things you do, whether in coaching or everyday life. Money can help you gain the inspiration and wisdom you pour into your coaching.

Even the world’s noblest jobs and the most dignified undertakings, such as charitable activities, require resources and logistics that money can make easy. 

Earn More Money, Gain More Opportunities

Fundamentally, with more resources, you have more options to improve your services. You will be able to deliver the results your clients deserve and would be happy about achieving.

Remember that money and success also motivate your clients. You’re guiding and encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves and to be successful in their lives, careers, and other endeavors. 

Why shouldn’t money become part of the motivation to pursue the best version of you, too?

The more money you earn, the more opportunities you have to:

Improve Your Relationship With Money

When you break free from this degenerative money mindset, you’re clearing the path to a better relationship with money. Once you’ve overcome this stigma, you will no longer hate the idea of generating profit from your passion. 

This renewed relationship with money accelerates your growth and facilitates your transformation into a new and better version of yourself. And the more enlightened you are, the better you’ll be able to help your clients.

Doors are now open for you to explore without the thought of holding back. There’s no stopping you from conquering the possibilities that money can help you achieve your coaching milestones.

Touch More Lives

Breaking the shackles that keep you from growing your career because of a negative money mentality will unlock a bigger world. You can then reach out to more people who need you and your services.

Embracing money and earning more enables you to offer your services to a growing client base you’ve never engaged before. And it wouldn’t be possible with passion and dedication alone. You need more money and resources to establish your coaching services and offer your expertise to a more extensive clientele.

With a renewed relationship with money, you become more vibrant in manifesting your success, touching more lives, and inspiring them to break free from their negative beliefs. 

Continue Making A Difference

Coaching is a career that offers support so people can embrace their potential and become successful themselves. 

The more people you touch, the bigger impact you contribute to filling the world with successful people, populating the planet with more confident, good, and positive people. 

With more resources and continuously increasing revenue, you can continue to make a difference for as long as your energy can sustain. 

Recalibrate and Shift Your Negative Money Thought Into a Positive Understanding of What You Can Achieve With It

It’s never too late to reframe how you think about money. It’s long past time to leave behind the shame in wanting to earn more of it with your coaching career. This is the only way to jumpstart a rewarding and more positive relationship with your earnings and success.

Recalibration begins with opening yourself up to understanding the value of money in your life and realizing what it can do to advance your career, succeed in your business, and be happy with your life.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to saying and thinking that you’re “not in it for money.” Instead, build and embrace a more profound relationship with the true value of money in your life. Not centered on greed, but on the opportunity to do good in a world that needs more of it.