Massive LinkedIn Changes in 2021: New Features, Tools and Options

Social media platforms constantly evolve, and LinkedIn is no different.

LinkedIn recently released several updates, including some big and some minor changes, both on desktop and mobile platforms.

And, we get it; it can be daunting keeping up with these continual platform changes. For that reason, w are here to help while you focus on your business.

In this article, we will break down the most significant changes, new features, tools, and options recently made on LinkedIn. As a result, you will be able to choose which ones are most effective for you and your business.

  1. LinkedIn’s Redesign Look

Recently, LinkedIn has changed its look, and it’s the first major redesign in nearly five years.

LinkedIn stated that the goal of this major change was to simplify the user experience and put the community at the forefront. Therefore, it was imperative to create a modern, intuitive and straightforward user experience that would also facilitate navigation and discovery.

The new platform is feature-rich, including text scaling, larger touch targets, and improved contrast. Also, the dark mode will be available soon.

  1. LinkedIn Creator Mode

Establish your credibility and authority using the new LinkedIn feature Creator Mode.

If you regularly create and share content, this feature is ideal for you, allowing you to showcase your content and activity. Those who do not have it yet should not worry as it is being gradually rolled out.

Once you turn the Creator Mode on, you will see changes including:


  • Your Connect button will change to Follow button. This is an excellent feature if you want to establish your authority in your field, but not a great idea if your goal is to grow your network.
  • There is a range of hashtags that you can choose from to indicate which topics you usually post about. Using them will help you reach your target audience.
  • Your profile will be rearranged; now, the Featured and Activity sections will appear first.
  • Use expanded Activities to showcase more of your content. Expanded activity will also no longer display your likes, comments, and other activities.
  1. LinkedIn Service Page Feature

Members of LinkedIn who offer a service will find this new feature handy. With this option, you can generate a dedicated service page accessible right from your intro card.

The most significant benefit of this feature is that it makes your services more visible through search engines, including LinkedIn. Additionally, anyone can send you a message on your LinkedIn about your services.

If you want to set up a services page, select the Open to button in your intro card. Next, click on Providing services and fill in the set-up information. Than click on the Publish button and make your Service Page visible to the public.

You should also be aware that, regardless of your profile visibility settings, your profile photo will appear to all LinkedIn members once you update your profile with your services information.