Don’t know how to structure your premium online course?

Here’s a proven outline of a module that you can use.


Video 1: Introducing the Module

What’s the main topic of this video?

Why is this topic so important to your student?

What’s a personal story that illustrates this topic and the struggles you’ve faced dealing with it? What mindset helped you deal with it? 

What are the goals of this module? What do you want the student to think, do and setup by the end of the module?


Video 2: Teaching Your Framework or Content

What specific concepts should your student know to improve? Try to teach 3-10 points. This is where you really add the value and teach :)

What are the Do’s and Don’ts they should be aware of? Where might they screw up or be disappointed, and how can they deal with that?

Video 3: Case Study

What is a case study – about you, one of your students, or in the marketplace – that really shows what you’ve been teaching in this module? Tell the story, and give some points.

What is a tool, a free PDF or something else they can download that could help your student better understand or implement your idea? 

How can you cheer your student on or give them some uplifting words at the end of the module? 

Also, ask your students to comment, ask questions etc.

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