Enough is enough – what is your new normal?

Do you push yourself to where you feel »it is too much«?

Do you constantly work too much and forget about yourself?

At one point you cannot give anymore … and you start filing »enough is enough«!

When I quit my corporate job and started my own business, I was sooo excited about it that working day- in day-out was normal. I worked weekends, nights and didn’t take much time off. But soon and to no surprise I burnt out. I didn’t have any healty boundaries between my business and my personal life.

When my daughter was born, it came down to me, that I HAVE to change A LOT! She was an active night baby and taking care of my self was even more important!

»You cannot give what you don’t have.«

When you first fill up your batteries, because you know this is how you will help others, you can make more money.

3 steps are crucial:

1. Self-love

How much do you love yourself? What are ways in which you are rude or merciless to yourself?

What can you do in the next 72 hours to give yourself more love?

What will you do in the next 72 hours to give yourself more love?

Be specific!

2. Self-care

Whe you feel well-rested, have a lot of energy, when you feel alive and see the world in all its colours, you can enjoy life and are happy and grateful for each and every day, you can manifest anything!

What is non-negotiable for you in order to work efficiently? (very important!)

I personally don’t give up my yoga class, quality time with Lea and Iztok on a daily basis, an evening walk or a swimm in the hot summer.

How do you take care of yourself on a daily basis?

How would you like to take care of yourself on daily basis?

What are the first two acion steps you are going to take to change?

3. Self-trust

When you trust yourself, you are unstoppable. 

How much do you trust yourself?

What could you do to trust yourself?